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Why choose an Osteopathic

Manual Therapist?


Have you noticed that you get one problem in your body "fixed" only to have it reoccur or another problem appear?


Do you find yourself going form therapist to therapist, completing sets of treatments, without resolving your injuries?


Osteopathic manual therapy differs from other therapies in that it looks beyond the obvious cause of a pain.

It is easy to see a joint that is sprained and not moving, and easy to adjust or click the joint to make it move, but why did it occur in the first place? And if the cause of the restriction is not resolved, what is to stop the restriction from returning? These are questions an osteopathic manual therapist aims to answer.

Osteopathic manual therapy always looks at the whole body and not just the strained area. Take the spine as an example. Each joint in the spine is designed to move so the work load of the spine is shared. When a bone “goes” or “moves out of alignment”, it is usually because it trying to compensate for other areas of the spine that are not moving. Just imagine a branch swaying in the wind. When it is supple it bends gradually and can withstand high winds and still stay strong. If the branch only moves at one point, the winds act like a lever and will quickly break the branch. If you were to tape the branch up, fixing just the broken point, it would only be a matter of time before it breaks again.

An osteopathic manual therapist strives to increase the flexibility of the body, increasing its strength, and decreasing the risk of re-injury.

Please note that in Alberta, the term osteopath is title protected and refers to US trained osteopathic physicians. Osteopathic manual therapists are not physicians and are therefore not part of a regulated health profession in Alberta. The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta does not recognise or regulate osteopathic manual therapy.








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